Operative Post-merger Integration Process

One of my (potential) clients has asked me what my concept was to tackle an operative post-merger integration project. I have pulled together a slide describing my approach – see below – and thought I’d share this with the community.

Diethard Engel Management & Consulting Services: General Approach to a PMI Project

Now, many of you may say this was the wrong sequence, and integration objectives should be prepared in the acquisition phase (i.e. pre-deal) already, synergy projects defined etc.. I do not disagree with you.

However, real life is different, and many acquisition and integration projects do not go by the book. And yet, the post-merger integration manager got to come up with a process that makes the best from the situation. In fact, my experience tells me that in most cases I get called after management has already realized they don’t have a process, their process is not going to work, or is delayed already before it started.

I implement the C-level agenda.