PMI – Building Internal Capability

Following an acquisition, integration is no cakewalk. It is, in fact, much harder than signing the deal.

Unless you are a frequent acquirer, and have (successfully) completed a number of integrations, there is a high probability of being unsuccessful in realizing your strategic and financial acquisition goals: 50-70% of failed acquisitions (depending on who you ask) speak for themselves.

If you want to win a 10.000 meter-race, the keys to success lie in practice and creating the right conditions to excel. The same applies to acquisition and post-merger integration: A coach, training and repetition of the exercise increase the likelihood of a win tremendously.

If you are planning an acquisition, and view inorganic growth as an integral part of your strategy, internal capabilities will warrant a prosperous and rewarding program implementation. I will work with your M&A team to develop the right post-merger integration approach, and will train your team for future projects:

  • Development of the target operating model
  • Building and leading a strong team
  • Implement project governance and transparency
  • Drive cultural fit
  • Advise on internal and external communication
  • Identify the right KPIs for Controlling
  • Manage the timeline
Getting back on track is not easy, but not impossible either (original photo by Snapwire on Pexels)

Even if your project seems off track already, it is not too late to fix it: Doing nothing is usually not the best option.

I have successfully completed multiple PMI projects and can help you to get to the finish-line, too.

Based out of Germany, Diethard Engel is an independent consultant and interim manager, focused on Business Transformation, Post-merger Integration / Carve-out and Executive Finance. He has run multiple post-merger integration/carve-out projects for international businesses.