Business Transformation

Change Improves Results

Nothing is as steady as change. I lead your strategic project, from its definition to its implementation, and improve your business results.

The right point in time for transformation is always now

Any of my concluded projects has comprised significant elements of change. In whichever phase of your transformation project I am joining: I implement the C-level agenda and drive measurable change together with your team.

Components of Transformation

Once the decision for a strategic realignment has been taken, my work commences. I have achieved demonstrable success:

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Profitability improvement: Portfolio shift, cost reduction
  • Footprint policy: Site closures, plant and production transfer, site development
  • Process optimization, harmonization and digitization
  • Organization of mergers/asset deals
  • Management of changes to the employee body (increase and decrease); negotiations with works councils; §613a transfer (Germany)
  • ERP implementation/roll-out

Portfolio Management

With my approach to industrial portfolio management, detailed allocation of fixed costs allows me to determine the true profitability, for example for products, product groups, SBUs, markets or distribution channels. Recognition and addressing of “odd balls” (both positive and negative) result in measurable improvement of the average profitability – in the short run, but also sustainably.

Reference Projects

Post-merger integration always means business transformation, too – actually in its most complex form due to convergence of different systems and cultures. Please review my reference projects (in German only), and see for yourself. (Detailed project success stories can be found in the download section.)