About me

Being a graduated economist, specialized in organization and innovation management, I am looking back at many years of experience as an executive in international businesses, amongst others global players like Unilever, ICI or Henkel. I have been internationally seasoned during my six year term as CFO of a global medium-sized specialty chemicals business in the US and additional one year-and-a-half in the UK. Starting in 2012, I have worked as an independent Interim Manager and Management Consultant. Since, I have been able to support mandators from various industry sectors reliably and competently. 

As an Interim Manager, I focus on the areas of business transformation, post-merger integration and executive finance or controlling management; in Consulting, my emphasis is on strategic portfolio management and on optimization of processes and organization. I enjoy personal interaction and prefer direct communication and decision making patterns – both typical for the German „Mittelstand“.

My professional experience stretches across all relevant commercial and financial functions. I have gathered industry know-how in particular in (fine) chemicals, in plant engineering and construction, in automotive, life sciences, FMCG and food. For example, I have delivered projects in the electronics industry, with automotive suppliers and in plant engineering, but also in retail and e-commerce.

You will find my portfolio document here for download.

I would be pleased to support you, too.

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