Management Consulting

Proactive Design instead of Passive Reaction

When economic cycles become ever shorter, it is of utmost importance to be positioned in a way that even a contraction phase does not pose a risk for long term business sustainability. Each organizational change, each reallocation of resources represents a distraction from running the core business. They take up management attention and eat into time – both becoming naturally scarce resources in a crisis.

Working as a Team

Holistic and Sustainable Management: My mandator’s long-term success is at the heart of my efforts

Adaptions to market conditions are inevitable – the point in time, however, is determined by yourself: Proactive initiatives, for example a regular strategy review, a periodic portfolio analysis or the annual check of the HR concept, allow for continuous adaption to new requirements. In this way the business keeps pulling the strings instead of being chased by the market.

Growth requires a solid foundation. To a large part, development perspectives of a business hinge on its organization and processes. A review of the business concept, a realignment of internal and strategic controlling systems, and carefully orchestrated organizational changes – in structure as much as in process flows – set new accents, stabilize and accelerate growth.


Strategy means differentiation. Development and communication of a business strategy, together with a medium- and long-term financial plan, form a (if not: the) decisive component in my consulting approach. Based thereon, a catalogue of measures and a timeplan are being developed, within which the agreed initiatives are getting implemented. 

Clear and optimized processes, anticipatory planning and last, not least a conclusive HR concept warrant continuity which will impact positively on performance and even on business valuation. A clear tactical and strategic position will ease business transition to a new owner, be it the next generation or an investor.

Implementation of concept and measures may either be entrusted to me or carried out by the clent’s team without my support. Depending on the mandate, I’ll be happy to return at a later point to review activities and success.