Your Interim Manager in Finance / Controlling

I am available to you as your Interim Manager in Finance & Controlling leadership positions: More than 20 years in Finance management roles* in the global manufacturing industry have qualified me to bridge your critical resource gap in your Finance team competently.

*comp. career profiles on Xing or LinkedIn

Finance Management: The correct mix between hands-on action and strategic thinking

In the capacity of Interim-CFO I lead the entire Finance organization, coordinate activities with shareholders (incl. Private Equity), and with banks and audit. I support the Board in strategic business development by creating, evaluating and implementing scenarios and alternatives.

On a lower level, as Director of Controlling, together with the Finance team I create reports, set up and further reporting systems, and give the stakeholders the quality overview they require to manage the business as a whole or their respective functions/areas. One of my focal areas is advance-controlling: Year-to-go views, risk evaluations and forecast in comparison to budget/plan are at least as essential in controlling as understanding the past period. Planning and budgeting are part of my tool kit.

I have managed Finance teams up to 70 people. I speak „matrix“ and I am used to the fact that parts of the team work in different locations, in different countries or even on another continent.